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Token Sale Progress

Days left for token sale ending
Softcap: $350,000
Hardcap: $900,000


The TokenRoll Platform will be the first ever decentralized casino that will enable people to bet directly through fiat by using USD Stable Token. Players will be credited USD Stable Token for their profits and they will enjoy decentralized gambling without having to buy Tron or other tokens. This will solve one of the most discussed issues of decentralization as a whole, the need for the average Joe to interact with blockchain to actually enjoy the benefits of decentralization. By so, high simplicity has been brought by the method of using USD Stable Token for casual bettors while never compromising from the advanced functionality.

The TokenRoll Token Symbol: TKR
Token Standard: TRX20 (Tron)
Total Token Supply (Max, if all the tokens sold): 100 000 000 TKR
Tokens Available for Public Sale: 30 000 000 TKR

Public Sale Start Date: 30th of April, 2019
Public Sale End Date: 30th of May, 2019
Price of TKR token: $0.03 USD
Payment Method: FIAT(USD), Bitcoin (BTC), Tron (TRX), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC)

3% Team & Advisory
2% Bounty
30% Token Sale
65% Token available for minting

Executive Summary

TokenRoll Decentralized Casino

experience blockchain now on gambling

TokenRoll solves the main issues of the both centralized online casino and decentralized online casino industry by building a decentralized protocol that every online gambler can access without having to interact with blockchain at all. TokenRoll Token (TKR) will be the fuel of the TokenRoll Protocol. 10% of every loss will go back to bankroll reserve of the casino. Users will be able to either buy tokens off the exchange or mint them through gambling. They will be able to use the tokens for the daily profit sharing or buying tickets for weekly jackpot. 80% of the losses will go to profit sharing and jackpot pool. 80% of this supply will be shared daily through the profit sharing pool. 20% of the pool will go to weekly jackpot pool.

Real solutions for real problems
  • Built Upon Decentralized Structure.
  • Enables users to bet directly through fiat by USD Stable Token stable token.
  • Transparent history and reward storage.
  • Requires neither blockchain knowledge nor familiarity with technical concepts.
  • No security vulnerabilities due to the share of personal information.
  • Instant payment option with minimum fees which allows players to make micropayments.
  • No betting limit with high return of investment 8-Improved social.
  • Communication channels to increase the overall interaction.


Q2 2019

TokenRoll Token Creation
Public Token Sale
International Expansion & Marketing
Establishing Bounty Network
Final Content Evaluation

Q4 2019

Dapp Beta For Android & IOS
WebApp Beta On Mainnet
10 Gambling Games For Testing
Improvement Of Betting Infrastructure

2Q 2020

Live Dapp & WebApp On Mainnet
API For Developers & Entrepreneurs
TokenRoll Listed On Exchanges
More Games Are Tested & Added
Platform Fully-Functional

Q4 2020

Absolute Decentralization
Community Driven
Smart Contracts Auditing Functionality
Strategic Partnerships
New Features - Chat, Challenge, Race

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Users will be able to deposit USD directly via the USD Stable Token API and gateway making blockchain no more a burden on user but, instead, just the right infrastructure to be the ground technology of TokenRoll platform. Value of the deposit is kept constant by using USD Stable Token which saves any user to face financial losses due to volatility. No technical knowledge required, only the usual habits users’ need to hace to follow the standard protocol. Due to the chain structure, users are offered with a cash tracking system recording every transaction like a traceable flow. Trust is never demanded but it is sustained by TokenRoll delivering full control to users throughout their gambling experience

From the very first version, TokenRoll platform incorporates all popular gambling games and will keep endeavor to enhance the number of games available in the platform. Without sacrificing the quality, games to be added will be determined by the comments and consensus of the community as the general satisfaction being a priority.
Below are the game categories available starting from the first release:

  • Crypto based prediction games
  • Crypto based lottery
  • Dice
  • Traditional casino games

Either with TokenRoll token or USD Stable Token, choose the currency of your preference to withdraw your earnings directly to your wallet. With USD stable coin, the risk risen from volatility is prevented and earnings securely kept in the platform until any withdrawal request. Easily and instantly, without any withdrawal fee.

Team Members

Şahika Sezer
Eren Çekiç
Taha Berk
Taner Kasan
Hamza Khan

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